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Recent progress on building trail in the “Gap”

An uncompleted section of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail, that the Friends of the Pumpkinvine call the “Gap,” requires trail users to travel 1.75 miles on County Roads 33, 20 and 35. Map of the gapThe Friends of the Pumpkinvine have been working for several years to purchase land between County Roads 33 and 20 to close the south half of this “Gap.” As of September 2016, the four landowners in this section have signed agreements to sell the Friends the land needed for the new trail.
About 1,800 feet of the new trail at the western end will be on the former Pumpkin Vine railroad bed. Then the new trail will turn north and run along the South Fork of Pine Creek, which is a legal drain that needs to be cleaned. During the cleaning the county drainage board to straighten a curve to acheive better alignment of the trail in relation to the pasture of one of the landowners. That will happen after they receive approval to proceed from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Army Corp of Engineers. That approval is required because the new alignment of the creek is near wetlands. The location of the cleaned creek will be used to define the land that Friends will buy for the new trail.
Building trail in the “Gap” will be expensive due to high land prices and to the extra expenses for building on wet soils. Friends plan to finance the trail construction with a combination of grants and donations from individuals. Ultimately, trail users will enjoy the safety of traveling on the trail and their esthetic experience will be improved compared to traveling on the county roads. You can help “Close the Gap” by making a generous donation online.


Support the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail through the Kroger Community Rewards Program

If you shop at Krogers you can designate the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail to receive rewards based on the amount you spend at their stores. All you need to do is designate Friends of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail as your favored recipient. Step by step instructions are available here.





























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